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A Tool for Change

History is full of examples of how innovation and new companies have changed the world, just consider Facebook, Apple and the Ford Company. The introduction of new technology sometimes has a huge impact on society and the quality of life for millions of people. The first Bendix deluxe washing machine significantly changed lives of the women of the western world after the second world war and mobile mommunications have advanced the build up of communication infrastructure in developing countries.

It could be argued that innovation in technology and business models might be an underused strategic tool towards reducing poverty and increasing equality and quality of life. If it’s done the right way, it could even provide a living.

In this session we will showcase three speakers that have shown that change is possible using the power of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Johan Andresen will discuss his company FERD’s support for social entrepreneurs and the importance of innovation in this paradigm.  

Leilah Janah will discuss her work with Samasource, a non profit devoted to providing digital work to those in underprivileged communities.  

Pär Almqvist will discuss his work as chief marketing officer at OMC Power, which aims to provide energy to rural communities in India. 


close Andresen

Johan H. Andresen

Chairman, FERD; Norway

Leila_Janah-HiRes-Nov2013-3 (395 x 529)

Leila Janah

Founder & CEO of Samasource; USA

par_hq (425 x 566)

Pär Almqvist

CMO at OMC Power; Sweden