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Venture Angels and Crowd Investors

During the last ten years Norway has seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of seed funding. Still, some say that Norwegian business angels are a rare species too seldom spotted in the investment landscape. It could be argued that the government has yet to give enough support to this funding stream. 

Yet technological progress and expanding knowledge also bring new opportunities, new ways of doing business. Crowdfunding is one exciting example. Is early phase funding a crucial missing link in a broken value chain? Or will we see a rise of social investments, a switch to reliance on crowdfunding, or something else unprecedented to fill the void?

To shed light on the future of funding, we will hear from Liz Wald from Indiegogo, one of the largest international crowd funding platforms. She will discuss the future of crowdfunding and her experiences with the international expansion of this organisation. 

Rune Sævik from Investinor will talk about the limitations of venture capital and need for alternative sources of funding.

Tor Bækkelund from Funders Fund will talk about the philosophy behind Funders Fund, what motivates him and the other business angels in the organisation and what he believes is needed to strengthen the value chain.

This will be followed by a fireside chat with Siri Skøien and Camilla Ley Valentin, two prize winning entrepreneurs with start-up founders will share their entrepreneurial stories and experiences of generating funds for their businesses.



new liz

Liz Wald

Head of International at Indiegogo; USA

RuneSævik (458 x 485)

Rune Sævik

Communications Manager at Investinor; Norway

Tor Bekkelund

Tor Bækkelund

Managing Partner at Startup Lab Oslo; Norway

new siri

Siri Skøien

Founder, Comlight AS; Norway


Camilla Ley Valentin

CCO and Co-Founder of Queue-It; Denmark