Photo by Andrew Lenards

How Visual Media Helps Us Make Sense

For the last 100 years, cinema has been working on how to best tell a story through moving images. What can we learn from the art of visual storytelling when we are trying to make sense of an ever-growing flow of unsifted data? How does the amass of data in the digital world make sense to those relying on it? The use of visual media provides structure, clarity and sometimes even storytelling to simplify the complex masses of data. 

Together with NxtMedia and Kosmorama we are investigating how media innovation, technology development and the movie industry are becoming increasingly integrated. 


After this session there will be transport downtown to Kosmorama.


Arne Ove Rødstøl

Arne Ove Rødstøl

Manager Innovation, Market and Sales at Ulstein; Norway


Valentina D'Efilippo

Information Designer; UK


Steve Ford

Multi-Talented Artist; Norway

Byrkjeland Ragnhild Helene-1

Ragnhild Byrkjeland

Co-founder and Product Manager at Rendra AS; Norway


Johan Røed

Designer at Rendra AS; Norway