Share the Problem

At Technoport 2014, four companies present innovation problems to an interdisciplinary crowd of 'solvers' made up of conference delegates and guest experts. Using their collective expertise, the crowd will try to solve these problems through facilitated activities that generate new ideas to be developed in industry. Share the Problem is your opportunity to make an impact on the innovation world by shaping and experimenting with the technology of tomorrow.

Photo by Technoport

Share the Problem is an exciting new workshop format bringing crowdsourcing and open innovation together in an interactive, real-world setting.

The idea is simple. Collectively, event participants possess vast knowledge over a broad range of subjects. However, organizations, industrial sectors and research fields often fail to take full advantage of this collective knowledge due to disciplinary boundaries, constraints in communication and organisational separation of potential problem-solvers. Technoport’s Share the Problem workshops seek to break through these barriers of expertise, enabling innovative problem-solving and the creation of original solutions.

Each workshop is designed following the presentation of an innovation challenge to Technoport by an organization. Technoport then assembles a room of expert solvers to present the challenge to, from a range of backgrounds both immediately and peripherally related to the innovation challenge. Solvers will include researchers, industrialists, students, professors, investors, entrepreneurs and conference delegates from a wide array of disciplines.

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Our philsophy towards Intellectual Property is radical openness. Here are the house rules:

The participants at Technoport Share the Problem will participate in a workshop organised by Foreningen Technoport. The workshops will incorporate discussions and exhange of opinions on projects owned by Problem Owners. The purpose of these workshops is to gather a diverse group of people from different sectors and disciplines to openly discuss subjects related to these projects.

The workshop is implemented as a free exchange of opinions and knowledge with a high degree of openness. Each individiual is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information and for taking appropiate steps to ensure that such information is not shared or made available to other workshop participants. Participation in the workshop does not transfer any Intellectual Property held by the participant prior to the workshop.


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