Share the Problem: Transnova 2/2


Note: This is a 3-hour workshop that last for two consecutive sessions, with a half-hour break in the middle. 

What is Transnova?

Transnova is a governmental agency dedicated to promoting cleaner, more environmentally friendly solutions to manage growing transport demands whilst transitioning to a more sustainable transport economy. The agency aims to do this through three key areas: promoting clean new technologies, encouraging more sustainable modes of transport, and reducing the total amount of transport.

Transnova has also allocated 40 million NOK of funding to help encourage the development of new sustainable, transportation. Applications will be accepted until September 2014.


As a proportion of total vehicle ownership, Norway is a world leader in the prevalence of electric vehicles (EVs). It has also invested heavily in the development of infrastructure, in the form of charging points to help encourage the transition towards EV. Yet a great deal of progress is still required before the EV can be considered Norway’s preferred mode of personal transport.

To date, development of the EV has taken a linear approach that seeks to emulate the conventional internal combustion car. We propose that innovative EV development is constrained by the illusion that it needs to look, feel and behave like the conventional automobile.

To be commercially competitive, electric vehicles must be able to compete with any conventional automobile available on the market in its aesthetics, usability, and affordability. However, this does not mean that electric vehicles must follow the same model as conventional vehicles – far from it. 

Why we need you

In this Share the Problem workshop, Technoport and Transnova invite you to participate in an inter-disciplinary workshop to make a conceptual 'point and explain' EV prototype that transcends the conventional automobile. This workshop will stimulate open and innovative learning across disciplines, while contributing possible solutions to a practical, real-world challenge.

This Share the Problem will be facilitated with help from Designhjelpen. Check out this site for more information about Share the Problem. 

Since this workshop is only 3 hours, we have set out a broad framework for what will be included in the Challenge, and what will not.  

Sources of Inspiration:


Fields of interest: Cybernetics, Sociology, Psychology, Marketing, Electric power systems, Product design